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01 Jun 2021

What are the grades of birch plywood?

There are four grades of birch plywood. Let’s have a look: A-grade plywood: Being the highest-quality plywood, it is usually the most expensive and has a flawless veneer. Due to its smoothness, it is easy to paint. Order Premium Quality 12mm Birch Plywood   B-grade plywood: It is slightly less...
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14 May 2021

What are the qualities of a good timber?

Toughness: Should have enough toughness to withstand the bending, splitting, and shocks due to the vibrations. Those timbers that have narrow annual rings are the strongest. Hardness and Strength: Should be hard enough to resist the heavy structural loads and deterioration. Elasticity: Should have...
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13 May 2021

What is the difference between Timber and Lumber?

Here, we are going to mention some differences between Timber and Lumber: Timber is attached to the ground while lumber cannot stand on the ground. Timber is still accepted as wood with its bark, while lumber has no bark. 6x2 Treated Timber Online UK Timber refers to wooden boards and is used in...
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12 May 2021

What is a Timber?

Timber is a wood that has been processed into beams and planks and is known as "lumber" in the US and Canada. Basically, it is a wood or firewood of growing trees. Any wood capable of giving a minimum dimension size can be termed timber or lumber. This is a phase of the wood production process....
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19 Apr 2021

Is birch plywood waterproof?

In the situations like high humidity conditions, exterior birch plywood keeps maintaining its performance characteristics and does not deform or soak. It can be used in both interior and exterior types, because of its water-resistance and durable nature provided by the rigid surface of the outer...
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21 Apr 2021

What is phenolic plywood?

Phenolic was the first synthetic plastic resin, made in 1907, and was used in the manufacture of Bakelite. Electric light switches and other electronic devices were molded from Bakelite until other plastics have existed. Looking for Phenolic plywood for your interior work then order Phenolic...
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20 Apr 2021

Is birch plywood good for the outdoors?

Birch plywoods are commonly used in making boxes, crates, folding objects, interior trim, and other small special wooden items. Birch plywood is widely used for veneer and plywood globally. Also, regular sheets of plywood, Birch veneer is also used for doors, furniture, and paneling. Birch is not...
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01 Jan 2021

Which plywood is best?

There are several different type of plywood. Every plywood has got its own unique feature and is job specific based. You will need to know which king of plywood is suitable for your job.  The common type of plywood are either for exterior use or interior use. Exterior use plywood are more...
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06 Aug 2019

Where is marine grade plywood used

Marine plywood is used for various outdoor projects. For example making Garden furniture like tables, chairs, benches and planters, this plywood is also widely used for kitchen and bathroom flooring....
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