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The full form of OSB is the Oriented Strand Board which is made with compressed layers of wood strands with adhesives (wax and synthetic resin). OSB has been around since 1963 and unlike the rest of the products, strips of wood are placed in it strategically rather than unnecessarily, increasing its strength. If you count the layers of wood in it, then you will get around 50 layers. Its wood comes from durable, small, fast-growing trees such as aspen poplar and southern yellow pine. As a result, you will see its result is very incredible and amazing. Order Phenolic Plywood Online at Wholesale Price

What Can OSB Board Be Used For?

There are so many DIY (do it yourself) projects that will make sure that OSB is fantastic and you can use it in both the interior and exterior as it is weather resistant (check the stamp on the back of the board to make sure before using). Due to its strength, it is mostly used for flooring and is also very ideal for a workshop or shed. Many carpenters or creative humans use it to create a multitude of different pieces of furniture or cabinetry as well. Although, it’s a weather-resistant, still if you are thinking of using it in your garden, then it would be great if you add some weather protection to your garden.

What Else Can You Do With OSB?

You can make your furniture with the help of OSB sheets. The natural finish looks perfect with white; and is used to make desks, tables, sofas, and cupboards. Many growing artists have used OSB boards as a canvas because of their great texture which gives it a unique finishing through layers of wood.

The pros of OSB:

• It is cheaper than plywood
• It is available in larger sheets than plywood
• It is thicker and heavier which some people consider as a benefit and some as a loss.
• It is considered to be more environmentally friendly than plywood; smaller trees can be used to make it more durable.

The cons of OSB:

• There is a need for sealing on its cut, otherwise, it starts smelling and the water inside the cuts starts absorbing.
• It takes longer to dry. Order Marine Plywood
• It is thicker and heavier which some people consider as a benefit and some as a loss.



Have you ever heard the name of the OSB Board? It is also a kind of plywood and its use is also slightly different from the rest. Below we are going to tell you what it is, what is its use, and is it better than other plywood or similar to them?



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